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Always on. Always insightful. Always actionable.

Streetbees GO delivers consumer closeness and new growth opportunities to global brand teams.


Streetbees GO connects brands to the lives of consumers with incredible depth of context and emotion. Always-on dashboards provide you with in-the-moment insights from consumers, in their own words, to help you make the right decision, every time.


With insight from 4.5m engaged consumers, you need clarity. We use machine learning to turn billions of pieces of unstructured, chat-based language into an execution tool that informs your next brilliant decision. We’re not interested in generalities, so we get as granular as you need.


Take the right action at the right time - and never miss a growth opportunity! We share the truth of consumers’ lives, so you can refine marketing campaigns, develop new products, extend critical categories and strengthen retailer relationships.

The world’s largest companies use Streetbees to drive brand choice across all touchpoints using a more impactful, all-encompassing brand score.


Streetbees GO delivers the context and emotion of 4.5m lives so you make the right growth decisions for your brand. Here’s how.

Demand Spaces

Demographics don’t cut it. Build a deep understanding of true consumer moods, motivations and behaviours. Then identify where you are positioned to win - and how.

Category Development

Ditch the biased tick boxes and step into your customers’ shoes to understand their view of your market in their own words. Identify strategies that will consolidate your position and identify the next big thing.

Market Trends

Change is constant and context is everything. Stay one step ahead by tapping into the emotions driving new consumer behaviours.

Brand Growth

Exceptional consumer closeness identifies growth strategies for your demand spaces so you cater to the occasions that matter to your market.

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Frequently asked Questions

You may have some questions about GO. We’re here to help...

How does Streetbees GO gather its human intelligence? Our community of 4.5 million engaged users (our bees) chat with us through our conversational style app. We use proprietary Machine Learning to analyse the conversations, photos, and videos they share to read between the lines and understand their motivations, emotions and drivers of behaviour.
So, it’s a panel? It’s much more than that! Unlike traditional panels, our community proactively shares their experiences in the actual moment of consumption or usage. We provide reality, not recall.
How will Streetbees GO help me grow my brand? You may know your customers’ online behavior online, but how are they behaving offline? What are they doing with your competitors? We give you the context and emotion around your customers’ lives, so you know how to grow with them. New product opportunities, improved communications or new audience – we give you the tools to expand and retain your customers.
What are the Demand Spaces available in GO? We use Machine Learning to find patterns and understand commonalities in behaviours.Then we create an occasion based framework – Demand Spaces. These are based on similarities in behaviours, needs, motivations or moods that are clustered together to help you target and activate growth opportunities. Demand Spaces show you how momentum is changing, the role of seasonal influences, and the emergence of new trends. And they’re always on, so the next big thing is at your fingertips.
How much does Streetbees GO cost? Streetbees GO is an always-on, subscription solution so you can reduce your dependence on ad-hoc research. Our flexible, modular approach means you just pay for what you need to make smarter decisions. Choose your categories and markets, and you’re all set for a year of informed decision making. Contact us to find out more.

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