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  • Motivations & Barriers: Why are fewer people purchasing organic food products? 
  • Usage: Which conditions are people more commonly using natural remedies to treat? 
  • Preferences: What are the top preferences when it comes to electric vehicles?

Category Exploration

Enhance the adoption of your product or service by understanding habits, behaviours and preferences.


  • Products & Services: Would the market be receptive to a new pet grooming subscription service?
  • Features: Are audiences prepared for multi-angle viewing on their streaming services? 
  • Ideas: Is there public backing for expanded green zones in major UK cities?


Create or refine a best-fit product or service by testing your new or existing concepts with your target audience.


  • Definitions: How do pet owners judge the ‘healthiness’ of the food they buy their pets? 
  • Relevance & Impact: Is sustainability relevant for mobile phone customers? 
  • Engagement & Consideration: How can I improve perceptions of my brand's quality among millennials?

Trends & Topics

Grow your brand in a specific segment by identifying what a specific topic, concept or trend means to your audience.


  • Awareness & Associations: Do consumers associate our brand mission and values with our products? 
  • Motivations & Barriers: Is the introduction of eco-friendly packaging motivating consumers to buy our brand? 
  • Key Metrics: How is our brand performing on ‘trust’ compared to our competitors?


Make your brand more relevant to your audience by defining the emotional and practical perceptions of your brand.

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There’s no need for you to spend time writing a brief, scripting a questionnaire or generating a report. Once you choose your template and share your needs with the tool, SBX will do all of this for you in as little as 48 hours.

Discover the nuance behind the numbers.

Static surveys produce static results and often struggle to uncover the ‘why’ behind consumer choices. Through the power of LLMs, SBX is able to engage with and probe respondents’ real time answers to give you richer, more robust insights.

Reach global consumers or go direct to your customers.

SBX has a highly-engaged community of consumers across 22 markets, which you can tap into for your project. In addition to this, SBX also has a white label option, so you can share a survey link directly with your customers.

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