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 Create or refine a best-fit product or service with the Innovation template

Want to test a new or existing product? Want to understand if a new idea will land with your audience? Want to see if a new feature will drive greater adoption? This is the right template for you.

Who can you speak to with this template?

Reach across multiple markets

You can get rich responses from real people across 22 different markets.

Qualitative responses at scale

You can collect responses from 150-1,000 people per market, depending on the markets selected.

Use our audience, or supply your own

You can use the template to speak to our community of consumers or your own customer base.

What will you discover with this template?

Initial Reactions & Perceptions

Uncover first impressions of your new or existing product/service/feature/idea, along with its perceived benefits and setbacks. These insights will determine its inherent attractiveness and its resonance with your target audience.

Appeal & Differentiation

Explore the most appealing attributes of the product/service/feature/idea and the likelihood that your target users will integrate it into their routines. These insights will gauge market appeal and the unique attributes needed to encourage mass adoption.

Drivers & Barriers of Adoption

Delve into the compelling reasons why consumers would or would not engage with this product/service/feature/idea. These insights will help you refine your offering and will anticipate any potential issues, so you can manage them effectively to ensure smooth market penetration.

What type of business question can you answer with this template?

Are consumers ready to embrace aluminium wine bottles?

You can test a new or existing product e.g. understanding the impact of shifting from glass to aluminium wine bottles on consumer perceptions of the product and their willingness to pay a premium.

Is the market receptive to a new pet grooming subscription service?

You can test a new or existing service e.g. understanding consumer receptiveness and preferences towards integrating a pet grooming service into their regular subscription models.

Are TV audiences prepared for multi-angle viewing?

You can test a new or existing feature e.g. understanding audience reactions to the introduction of a multi-angle viewing feature in a streaming service, including its influence on the viewing experience.

Is there public backing for expanded clean zones in major cities?

You can test a new or existing idea e.g. evaluating public perceptions of a potential expansion of Ultra Low Emission Zones in all districts of major metropolitan cities.

How it works

How does SBX turn rich conversations into robust data?

You’re no longer restricted to a static list of questions. Instead, our LLM-powered chatbot will create unique conversation paths for each respondent to dig deeper into their specific answers and discover the nuance behind the numbers.

However, to ensure every conversation captures the information needed to support or challenge your hypothesis, SBX will create a conversation guide as part of your research brief. This will include the questions the chatbot must ask during the conversation.


These parent dimensions are part of the Innovation template and will ensure that all of the data points needed to answer your business question are gathered during our conversations with consumers or customers.


The parent dimensions are then tailored based on your specific brief. In this case, the brief was centred around the willingness to purchase a new sustainably-sourced chocolate bar.


Lastly, the tool transforms these dimensions into a list of survey questions, which will be optimised in real time based on what the respondent says. This ensures the chatbot is able to delve deeper into their responses, just like a qualitative interviewer would, to get to the ‘why’. 


Preferred types of chocolate

What is your preferred type of chocolate (e.g. milk, dark, white)?


Frequency of chocolate consumption

How often do you consume chocolate?


Preferred chocolate brands

Which chocolate brands do you prefer?


Awareness and perception of sustainably sourced products

Are you aware of any brands that offer sustainably sourced chocolate products?

Initial Reactions & Perceptions

Initial reactions to sustainable chocolate

What is your perception of them?

Initial Reactions & Perceptions

Perceived importance of sustainability

What is your initial reaction to the concept of a sustainably sourced chocolate product?

Appeal & Differentiation

Level of appeal for sustainable chocolate

How important do you perceive sustainability in the confectionary category?

Appeal & Differentiation

Level of differentiation

How appealing do you find the idea of sustainably sourced chocolate?

Appeal & Differentiation

Reasons for differentiation

How differentiated do you perceive sustainably sourced chocolate from regular chocolate?

Drivers of Adoption

Reasons to like sustainable chocolate

What reasons contribute to your perceived level of differentiation between sustainably sourced chocolate and regular chocolate?

Barriers to Adoption

Reasons to dislike/not use sustainable chocolate

What reasons might convince you to like sustainably sourced chocolate?

Key Benefits & Features

Features important in sustainable chocolate

What reasons might convince you to dislike/not use sustainably sourced chocolate?

Likelihood of Adoption

Consider purchasing at reasonable price

Which features do you deem important in a sustainably sourced chocolate product?

Likelihood of Adoption

Willingness to pay a premium

How likely are you to consider purchasing a sustainably sourced chocolate product at a reasonable price?

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How have other brands used this template?


Identifying the most effective positioning for a new intimate health product.

One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies needed to determine the most impactful differentiators and primary barriers for its new product. 


Determining the must-have and must-not-have ingredients and claims of a new healthy biscuit.

A leading biscuit manufacturer needed to align its product offering and messaging with consumer expectations to drive appeal.


Uncovering which features set this brand’s smartphone apart from its competitors.

A smartphone manufacturer sought to uncover factors influencing lower-than-anticipated pre-sales of its latest flip-phone in the USA and how it should change its approach to reverse this.

Fast Food

Evaluating perceptions of a new chicken burger.

A fast food giant sought to evaluate perceptions of its new chicken burger to inform its decision on whether or not it should add it as a permanent menu item.

Frequently asked 

What sample can I target?

What information do I need to provide about a product or concept I’d like to test?

How many key variable cuts can I have?

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Category Exploration

Enhance the adoption of your product or service by understanding habits, behaviours and preferences. 


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Trends & Topics

Grow your brand in a specific segment by identifying what a specific topic, concept or trend means to your audience. 


  • Awareness & Associations: Do consumers associate our brand mission and values with our products? 
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  • Key Metrics: How is our brand performing on ‘trust’ compared to our competitors?


Make your brand more relevant to your audience by defining the emotional and practical perceptions of your brand.

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