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Real people.

Access any consumer segment anywhere in the world, from London to Shanghai, from New York to Manila. No data is beyond your reach.

Real lives.

With our Conversational Research technology, you can capture real insights in the moment of engagement and watch real habits instead of relying on claimed behaviour.

In real time.

With the power of artificial intelligence and geo-location technology, we can launch any study within 24 hours and display verified results in real time.

In the moment insights

  • Habits & attitudes
  • Mobile ethnography
  • Concept testing
  • Live ad testing
  • Geo-fenced NPS
  • Brand health
  • Share of fridge & cupboard

Real-time opinion polls

  • Voting intention
  • Citizen satisfaction
  • Consumer confidence
  • Student engagement
  • Mobile youth pulse
  • Energy access index
  • Global freedom index

Live retail intelligence

  • Perfect store execution
  • Price & promo monitor
  • Shelf space tracker
  • SKU mapping
  • Discounter 360
  • HoReCa audits
  • Mystery shopping

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