Dynamic Growth Engine

Capture new areas of growth, from a consumer led approach to generate actionable plans that drive change in your business

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The world’s largest companies use Streetbees to understand the emotion and context behind how customers experience their products

The Difference

How does the Streetbees Dynamic Growth Engine help you win with customers in new areas using AI-powered analysis?

Always ON, real-time understanding

Pick up on natural occurrences of consumers’ interactions with your products, and the momentum of change, to identify where true growth areas lie

The deeper why

Elevate the ordinary Usage & Attitudes study with a holistic understanding of emotion and context behind consumers’ choices, helping you tailor communications and better target audiences

Find new areas of growth

Through our proprietary machine learning technology, we reveal opportunities that are hidden in plain sight, from the bottom-up. Whether it is product, brand, positioning or communications, you can plan your strategy accordingly

Inspire action

Streetbees’ dynamic approach makes for outputs that are business-centric and inspire action across an entire business, including different departments and territories


Dynamic Growth Engine

Unleash new opportunity areas for your business through the Streetbees Dynamic Growth Engine dashboard. Uncover consumer’s true drivers of brand choice, in their own words, to engage with them in a way that improves your business performance.

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Consumer behavior is changing faster than ever. Find out how Streetbees’ AI-powered technology can help you drive growth.

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