Brand Experience Monitor

Track brand performance and equity when it matters, and with real life experiences

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The world’s largest companies use Streetbees to drive brand choice across all touchpoints using a more impactful, all-encompassing brand score.

The Difference

How does Streetbees’ Brand Experience Monitor help you win with customers using AI-powered analysis?

Blend the functional and emotional impact of your brand

We know how customers think, feel and act when it comes to your brand and what influences their decisions

Elevate brand equity understanding

Our unique approach means you can understand performance through the lens of demand spaces and what you need to win in those key occasions

In-the-moment perspective

It’s risky to base decisions on consumer recall. Our brand monitor is taken at the point of experience so we understand exactly how customers felt at that instant

Identify brand drivers from the bottom up

Streetbees’ proprietary machine learning technology identifies real consumer demand from the bottom-up, rather than using predefined lists, so you know how to plan your strategy accordingly


Brand Experience Monitor

Detect the early warning signs of brand dilution and exactly which aspects of your business to invest in, across brands and markets.

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