Your weekly update of good news

Streetbees Team
March 30, 2020

With so much negativity right now, Streetbees is sharing news stories that will hopefully bring a smile to our readers’ faces. 

Clap for the NHS. Last Thursday in the UK, you will have heard (or took part in!) a roar of applause at 8pm - this was the nation’s way of saying thank you to the individuals working for the NHS, working under incredibly difficult circumstances and even risking their own health to ensure as many people are saved as possible. It was a truly heartwarming act of unity - other countries have done similar co-ordinated acts to show health and emergency workers how valued they are. 

Hope for the world. Chinese city Wuhan - the origin of the pandemic - will see the lockdown partially lifted from 8 April as they report barely any new cases in the past few weeks. Just under three months after the city was effectively shut down, life is beginning to return to normality and the public are learning to adjust to life outside again.

Coming together during a crisis. In the first 24 hours after the Health Secretary issued a plea for volunteers to donate their time to help the 1.5 million vulnerable people who have to self-isolate for 12 week, half a million people signed up. That’s nearly 5 people per second! After the incredible response from the public, the target has been increased from 250k to 750k - if you’re in the UK, in good health and non symptomatic, you can register to volunteer here.