TeakOrigin and Streetbees Partner to Understand the Link Between Nutritional Value and Nutritional Consumption of Fresh Produce in the UK

Streetbees Team
September 17, 2020

Today in further pursuit of building the world’s first dynamic database for nutrition, TeakOrigin, a data intelligence company, announced it is expanding the reach of its nutritional data analysis to the UK by partnering with Streetbees, a global intelligence platform that reveals how people behave, and why. Together they are launching the most comprehensive, data driven research on the role of nutritional value and consumer decision making. 

Effective this month, the Streetbees team will begin collecting and analyzing produce bought from UK supermarkets and online retailers, using the TeakOrigin platform and technology. The TeakOrigin team in the US has already analyzed tens of thousands of items as reported on TeakOriginGuide

In addition to building this dynamic repository of nutritional data, Streetbees will leverage its chat-style app and Always ON platform to understand the purchase and consumption drivers for fresh produce, at the moment of choice and in consumers’ own words. By applying machine learning and advanced natural language processing technology to the data, Streetbees uncovers not just what people do, but also why they do it, and what drives them – helping TeakOrigin better understand the decisions consumers make when buying and preparing the foods it analyzes. 

TeakOrigin was founded to uncover one of the biggest mysteries that shouldn’t be a mystery at all – how nutritious are the foods we eat. The company enables businesses and consumers to answer critical questions about their food, whether it’s identifying the right time to harvest; how food is changing throughout the supply chain; what the nutrient levels are in food or are consumers and retailers alike getting what they paid for. It is through TeakOrigin’s proprietary technology and methodology that all of this is possible. The company develops lab-grade food quality assessments for use in the field that are both fast and non-destructive to food. 

“We started TeakOrigin to help build the first global repository for dynamic nutrition and establish a standard way to measure nutritional value so both consumers and food retailers know what’s inside the food we eat,” said Brent Overcash, CEO and co-founder of TeakOrigin. “A standard way to measure nutrition sounds like something that should already exist in 2020 but the reality is it doesn’t yet, and people are making choices about the foods they eat every day unaware of whether what they are paying for is healthy, and if the diet app they are using is based on nutritional labeling data that can be 20 years old. It’s a problem we decided we can fix for both buyers and sellers of food that benefits every constituent in the food ecosystem, from farmers all the way to consumers.” 

Streetbees will use TeakOrigin’s technology to scan thousands of different foods on a monthly basis, including apples, avocados, bananas, blueberries, grapes, spinach, strawberries, tomatoes, pears and oranges. Initial retailers include Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Waitrose, ASDA, Amazon Fresh, Aldi, Lidl and Ocado. Data will be collected and shared weekly with TeakOrigin.

“Understanding the role nutritional values play in consumers’ purchasing and consumption choices has never been more important and we’re thrilled to be working with TeakOrigin to do this,” said Tugce Bulut, CEO and Founder, Streetbees. “By combining the richness and accuracy of both our platforms, for the first time we’ll be able to give consumers the power to make truly informed decisions about the food they choose to buy and eat. It will also drive retailers - both in-store and online - to think more deeply about the produce they provide to their consumers.”

The Streetbees AI-powered platform captures “the moment of truth” in consumers’ own words, offering qualitative depth at quantitative scale. Over 3.5 million users – or ‘bees’ – across 189 countries worldwide use the chat-style Streetbees app to share moments from their daily lives via videos, photos and text, giving as much or as little information as they like. In this case, the focus will be around nutrition, buying fresh produce and shopping habits, helping TeakOrigin better understand produce preferences and nutrition drivers behind consumer choices. 

To learn more about TeakOrigin and the TeakOrigin Guide, visit https://teakorigin.com.

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