Streetbees recognised in GRIT Top 50 Innovators report!

Streetbees Team
July 30, 2021

Earlier this month, we were delighted to hear that Streetbees was making its debut in the GRIT Top 50 list of Most Innovative Suppliers! Compiled from votes from insights pros, the report ranks the research industry’s players and key innovators. Streetbees was recognised not only in the main list, but also in the top qualitative suppliers and top data and analytics suppliers. A triple whammy!

Firstly, thank you to all our customers and supporters who voted for us. We believe that the future of consumer intelligence is about getting closer to people’s everyday lives, in the moment, so it’s great that our unique approach and application of machine learning is producing actionable results for our clients. 


We start by listening to consumers in their own words through our app. They share moments from their lives, in the moment and with photos and videos that give us incredibly rich context and emotional drivers. But, we know that all the data in the world is useless unless you can use it to take action. So we use AI to create an execution tool that helps brands make smart decisions, every day. 

Need a quick run down of what we’re about? Simply put, it’s in-the-moment, qualitative insight that uses AI to deliver an always-on hive of intelligence that identifies growth opportunities and how brands can secure them. 

  • Why in the moment? Because recall sucks. 
  • Why qualitative? Because you can’t fit the human experience into a set of tick boxes.
  • Why AI? Because it means we can use quant scale and read between the lines to understand the emotional drivers behind responses.
  • Why always on? Because you can’t predict when or where growth opportunities will arise.

Our focus is to make sure consumer brands can identify growth opportunities quickly through a self serve platform that’s always on and effective at every market level. Emerging global demand trends? Check. Micro opportunities? Absolutely. Our vision is to deliver a unique connection to human intelligence and consumer behaviour to support local execution with global consistency. We believe that’s pretty innovative and it seems GRIT agrees.

Our passion is helping our clients and global brands grow. So, if you want to get closer than ever to your consumers - just get in touch and we’ll help you get started.


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