Streetbees launches COVID-19 HIT (Human Impact Tracker)

Streetbees Team
March 11, 2020

With the fear of contracting COVID-19, people all around the world are dramatically changing the way they live and work. Since the outbreak began, Streetbees has had its finger on the pulse, capturing changes in everyday habits and attitudes in all affected markets on a continuous basis.

Today, Streetbees is launching its COVID-19 HIT (Human Impact Tracker) - allowing brands to stand shoulder to shoulder with those most affected by understanding their fears, reactions and behaviour changes.

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Streetbees exists to give consumers around the world a voice - and at times like this, they want to be heard more than ever. Downloading our free COVID-19 HIT report below:




To track the impact on your category and how it will influence your business, please get in touch to find out more about Streetbees’ COVID-19 Human Impact Tracker here: