Streetbees is a finalist in Quirks’ Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards

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September 15, 2021

We’re delighted to announce that Streetbees is a finalist in the Quirks Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards.

It’s safe to say we’re pretty chuffed to see Streetbees gaining so much recognition over the past couple of months. If being shortlisted by Quirk’s Media wasn’t enough (one of the most respected research bodies in the global industry), we also recently made our debut in Greenbook’s GRIT award in the Top 50 list of ‘Most Innovative Suppliers’. Greenbook is an equally big deal in the industry, and we were voted in by some of the biggest insights leaders in the game.

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Adding this to an ever-growing list that includes Deloitte Fast 50, Linkedin top Startups and Technology Pioneer for the World Economic Forum: it’s great to see our solutions consistently being recognised by world-leading experts.

Why all the attention? 

Fair question. After all, we’re not the only people trying to rethink the world of research and insights. We are doing something pretty unique, though. We’ve built the world’s first Human Intelligence Platform, and it’s contributed to the growth of over 70 market leading brands, including PepsiCo, Unilever, P&G, Sony, Mondelez and Heineken.

Our goal is to overcome three fundamental market research challenges that hinder insights teams’ ability to get closer to the consumer: 

1. Biased tick-box surveys –> emotionally rich insight  

Yes, they’re easy to use and to understand but tick boxes build bias into a survey from the get-go. We’ve replaced them with a sophisticated, multimedia approach. 4.5 million users - bees - in 150 global markets have conversations with Streetbees using a Whatsapp-style app. They provide responses in their own words, in their own languages, as well as by sharing photos and videos at the moment of consumption. 

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2. Unreliable recall → truth in-the-moment of consumption

The problem with recall is that, really, it’s reconstruction of memories - and that’s just not reliable when it comes to really understanding purchase drivers and that all-important moment of consumption. Our bees share their decisions with us in the moment so we get the truth, in their own words. Then we use machine learning to make sense of it all so brands can uncover hidden growth opportunities. 

3. Manual pain → AI-powered actionable intelligence

Our bees talk to us in their own languages and words, so AI can uncover the true emotional drivers behind their responses Applying AI doesn’t just save time (10 seconds vs 126 hours to analyse 1,000 submissions): it decodes unstructured qualitative data at quantitative scale, turning that into actionable growth opportunities for clients. 

“I really love that I can bring data to life through verbatim, photo and video. It means I can prepare reports that are both insightful and robust”.

- VP Consumer Beauty Insights & Strategy at a world leading Beauty and Personal Care brand

Our passion is helping our clients and global brands grow. If you want to get closer than ever to your consumers, just get in touch below. We’d love to help you get started!


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