The top five insights-driven webinars of 2020 will help you win in 2021 🏆

Streetbees Team
November 30, 2020

Now is the perfect time to refine your 2021 strategies, and to help you, we’ve collated our most popular virtual events from 2020. 

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Streetbees has helped the world’s biggest brands keep their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in consumers lives, in their own words. Our free webinars and insights leaders roundtables provide deep dives into specific industries and sectors, giving access to our latest insights and allowing brands to adapt to the constantly changing environment. Below you can find our top five sessions:

How returning to life will impact consumer behavior

Speakers: Vidisha Gaglani (Chief Client Officer Streetbees) and Tugce Bulut (CEO, Streetbees)

China, Germany, Italy, France and India - countries around the world were beginning to lift lockdown restrictions as the first wave of Covid-19 became more contained. After working, socialising, and exercising at home, the transition back to “normal” life came with uncertainty as consumers are facing new restrictions, new obligations and new fears. What were consumers going back to once the lockdown is lifted? What were they most hesitant to re-embrace?


New home living moments to watch during the pandemic

Speakers: Brian Hackett (Global Strategy Director, Streetbees), and Bertie Lewis (Client Partner, Streetbees)

With consumers forced to stay at home, daily routines changed and a number of new habits and behaviours emerged. From home cooking to online drinks, home DIYs to home workouts, consumers were forced to make their home the centre of every aspect of their lives, reducing the risk of infection. Find out what experiences consumers were missing the most and whether those new habits at home would survive long term. 


How to target emerging COVID consumer personalities

Speakers: Komal Sahni (Global Strategy & Insights Lead, Streetbees), and Acelya Lokmanhekim (Creative Strategy Director, Streetbees)

As the pandemic continues to unfold, so has division amongst people. From the emotional to the financial to the political: the impact of COVID-19 on different peoples’ lives has varied dramatically from person to person.

Watch this groundbreaking session to uncover the emerging consumer tribes according to their behaviours and habits. In just 30 minutes, you’ll be taken through the motivations and emotional drivers behind changes in spending and how to apply these insights to get smarter with segmented messaging and discover untapped growth opportunities


2020 Insights: The Future of Marketing

Speakers: Ruti Amal (Group VP Marketing Insights, Sodexo), Juan Cuadros (Director Insights & Analytics Latin America, Colgate-Palmolive), Faith A. Chaibva-King’ori (Strategy Insights and Analytics Director, Mondelēz), Komal Sahni (Global Strategy and Insights Lead, Streetbees), and Tugce Bulut ( CEO, Streetbees)

In this Insights Leaders Roundtable, world leading marketing experts discuss how to navigate the ever-changing financial and emotional contexts behind 2020 consumer trends. Discover opportunities from in-the-moment insights to drive growth and revenue and how to apply these key learnings to future-proof your 2021 brand strategy.


How consumers plan to dine during the 2020 Christmas holidays

Speakers: Ross McKnight (Development Strategist, Streetbees), and Chris Tough (Research Manager, Streetbees)

A quarter of global consumers anticipated that Christmas would be VERY different in 2020. But that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t go ahead. In this webinar, Streetbees’ own Ross and Chris take us through the changing consumer demands for the 2020 holiday season, how and where people plan to do their food-shopping, and who consumers plan to spend their holidays with. How that will impact Christmas dining? Watch to find out!


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