Is there a fine ‘liner’ between makeup and skincare?

Streetbees Team
April 20, 2022

This is the ‘prime’ time for hybrid makeup products

One of the biggest trends in beauty over the past two years has been the increasing popularity of sunscreens. Not so long ago, sunscreen was an over-the-counter product, sold only in summer. Nowadays, the SPF category has advanced to luxury beauty aisles and has become one of our to-go makeup ingredients.

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This major shift is due to an increased focus on health during the pandemic. Consumers have spent more time educating themselves on ingredients through social media and online research. They’re making more conscious choices about what they put on their skin, and are seeking out specific functional benefits when deciding what to buy. In fact, the proportion of our bees who look for makeup with SPF protection jumped from 43% in Q1 2021 to 61% in Q1 2022. 

The rise in consumers who look for SPF protection 2021 - 2022.

*Based on Streetbees data in the US

Let’s look at the driving demand space behind these hybrid makeup moments to help you position your brand. 

Take action with the right demand spaces 

From our 4.5 million bees, who are constantly sharing their real-time habits and attitudes with us, we’ve found that the ‘Pre-Work Beauty Prep’ demand space over-indexes here - a space which has grown from 9% in Q1 2021 to 14% in Q1 2022. This is a morning prep occasion, where consumers are getting ready for whatever the day throws at them. 

When it comes to the main objective during this occasion, we‘ve seen an increase in the proportion of consumers who want to look healthier and younger. On the flip side, there’s been a drop in those who want to cover up something they dislike, showing a shift from targeting specific imperfections, to improving the look of skin overall.  

Beauty consumers morning preparation

So how can you grow your makeup brand in this space?

1. Explore an SPF range of all-day makeup products 

SPF is key to keeping skin healthy - it’s essential for blocking out the harmful effects of the sun and other environmental aggressors. When it comes to SPF makeup, foundation is the leading product among our bees (i405), and the key driver behind this is a clearer complexion (i500). 

However, a space is also emerging for other SPF makeup products, such as lip balms and face mists, to provide protective touch-ups throughout the day. These hybrid makeup products are a great way to meet the growing need for simplified routines. Consider SPF concealers to help prevent fine lines or SPF face mists to keep the skin hydrated and protected. 

*Based on Streetbees data in the US

Brand spotlights - ‘we came, we saw, we contoured’

​​ EleVen by Venus Williams’ first-of-its-kind lip balm uses Shea Butter and 100% mineral UVA/UVB protection to create a hydrating SPF formula for daily use. 

​​​​ Kate Somerville offers a no-fuss SPF 50 face spray that instantly sets makeup, reduces shine and provides a matte finish for a soft-focus effect.

2. Focus on simplified, benefit-led routines in messaging  

As many of us have returned to work, be it at the office or from home, beauty routines have also been revived. In fact, the ‘Routine’ pillar of makeup occasions skyrocketed from 6% in March 2021 to 29% in March 2022. Weekday makeup moments have also increased from 77% to 91% in the same time period. 

However, consumers have reevaluated and simplified their routines since COVID began. The drawer-full of different products has been replaced by a carefully selected line up. Rather than focusing on a range of features in your messaging, highlight the ‘hero’ benefit of your products to create a space for them on this new simplified shelf. 

*Based on Streetbees data in the US

Brand spotlights - ‘it was gone in a lash’

ILIA is a skin-centric makeup brand and is a favourite among Gen Z consumers, focusing on simple, multi-use, on-the-go products. 

​​ Glossier’s philosophy is ‘skin first, makeup second’ and the brand focuses on creating easy-to-use essentials that form the backbone of your routine.


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