Getting all hopped up

Streetbees Team
January 13, 2020

Another popular challenge consumers like to take on in the New Year is by giving up alcohol - with 4m Brits estimated to have taken part in 2019. When you consider that that’s 8X the amount who took part in the official Veganuary challenge, it shows just how popular cutting down on the booze really is. 

dry january-3-1

But like Veganuary, reducing alcohol consumption is becoming a year long phenomenon. According to The British Beer & Pub Association the low and no-alcohol category grew by 232% between 2013 and 2018 - paving the way for a wave of new products to flood the market. 

Raising the bar. Brewdog has opened its first ever alcohol-free bar in London this month - offering 15 taps of draft AF craft beer to entice the city’s ‘sober-curious’ audience. The bar is even offering a “Drink All You Can Jan” offer customers unlimited refills of its alcohol-free beers in all bars for all of January. This is a great way to get people more familiar with the taste of low ABV options - and as so many tighten their purse straps this time of year, it will no doubt bring in the crowds.

Getting in on the group chug. Heineken has brought out a New Year version of an advent calendar - one non-alcoholic beer for every day in January. The beer giant is hoping to reduce the stigma of alcohol-free drinks by helping consumers avoid feeling disconnected in big groups at parties and in bars. Heineken expects these products to eventually account for up to 10% of the brand.  


A cider of relief. Thatchers is launching its first alcohol-free cider - following in the footsteps of Old Mout and Sheppy’s. While this isn’t a new concept in America - apple cider is known for being nonalcoholic, it may take more getting used to in the UK. With ciders reaching a shocking 12% ABV, will taste be impacted by the change?