Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Streetbees Team
April 24, 2020

While discretionary spending has dramatically dropped and people are purchasing cosmetic products less, it doesn’t stop them from using what they already have. 

What constitutes ‘essential’ varies depending on the need and context. Cosmetics may not be essential for physical health, but may be an important psychological coping technique for many individuals. 

graphic showing a statistic about consumer makeup behaviour

While lockdown restrictions remain, should people be actively discouraged from buying certain items - even when a shop remains open?

A notice in a store urging customers to think about their cosmetic purchases

Brands must find the sweet spot in their communications - encouraging consumers to follow the current measures without shaming them or putting them off their coping strategies… all the while avoiding coming across as profiteering. 

t’s by no means an easy challenge - and as we’ve never seen anything like this in our lifetime, it will take some trial and error. But in order to maintain the relationship they have with their customers, they must take into consideration the various psychological coping mechanisms consumers rely on.

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