Are consumers ‘bak’-ing more purposeful snack choices?

Streetbees Team
April 11, 2022

It’s the ‘thyme’ to shine for functional snacks for self-care 

The concept of self-care has received increased attention in recent years. Self-care is about prioritising yourself in a specific moment, and it’s no different when it comes to self-care snacking. For some, this function is about actively opting for a healthy choice to put your body’s needs first. For others, it’s about indulging in something that makes them feel better emotionally. 

Consumers are making more conscious decisions about the snacks they eat. In fact, the proportion of our bees who planned ahead when it came to snack choice rose from 9% in Q4 2020 to 20% in Q4 2021. 

*Based on Streetbees data in the UK

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Let’s look at the driving demand space behind these self-care functional snacking moments to help you position your brand. 

From our 4.5 million bees, who are constantly sharing their real-time habits and attitudes with us, we’ve found that the ‘My Afternoon Nourishment’ demand space over-indexes here - a space which has grown steadily since Q1 2021. This is a revitalising occasion - a break on a busy day, where consumers are looking for a filling boost. 

Consumption of savoury snacks has grown here since Q4 2020. We’re also seeing an increase in the consumption of snacks which are considered healthy. This includes grains, nuts, seeds, corn or rice snacks and plant-based cheeses.  

So how can you grow your brand in the functional snack space?

1. Innovate with mood-boosting ingredients in sweet snacks

Indulging in something sweet is often a go-to when we want to make ourselves feel better. The rollercoaster of emotions we’ve all been feeling over the past few years has made this even more relevant. In fact, according to the National Confectioners Association, chocolate and candy sales in 2021 were up by 11% compared to 2020 and 15% up compared to 2019. 

There’s a real opportunity for brands to increase market share by extending the role of mood in snacking. Consider incorporating ingredients with mood-boosting benefits, such as vitamin b6, magnesium, iron and serotonin. Complement self-care moments by targeting specific moods, like calm and happy. Give consumers a ‘skittle’ something to brighten their day.  

Brand spotlights - ‘that mint a lot to me’

Eat Gold Organics offers a line of functional ‘Chocolates for Adults’, including ‘Be Happy’, which features goji berries and adaptogen-rich mushrooms.

​​​​ Good Day Chocolate combines the positive effects of supplements with everyone’s favourite treat to create super smiles through super foods. 

2. Incorporate health-enhancing ingredients into savoury snacks 

Our bees have told us they’re actively seeking a healthier diet and this includes snacking. In fact, 12% of our bees in Q4 2021 told us they didn’t choose a snack option they were considering because it was too high in calories, compared to just 1% in Q1 2021. 

There is increasing potential for savoury snacks to support the healthy functioning of our bodies through functional benefits, such as gut health, immunity etc. Explore health-enhancing ingredients, like protein, healthy fats and fibre to create snacks that do more than just taste good. 

*Based on Streetbees data in the UK 

Brand spotlights - ‘it’s a move in the bite direction’

* Brave promotes plant-based, vegan, gluten free, high protein and high fibre snacks, with a variety of health benefits.*

Airsnax have combined the lightness of puffed chickpeas, green peas and yellow peas with natural, nutrient dense toppings for ultimate satisfaction.


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