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Make every interaction count towards a purchase

Explore shopper behaviours, understand the path to purchase or deep dive into the end-to-end experience.

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Customer Experience

Prioritise the improvements that matter most

Discover how your customers feel about and experience your products and services and identify important improvements.

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Grow your brand’s share of a particular occasion

Understand the when, where, who, why, what and how of an occasion and the underlying motivations and contextual factors behind it.

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Category Exploration

Increase sales of your product or service

Understand motivations, frustrations and unmet needs in relation to a specific category, product or service.

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Choose the best direction for your development

Assess reactions to an idea, a concept or a product and measure the appeal among your audience and the likelihood of adoption.

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Grow your brand’s share of the market

Measure your brand’s health and positioning by exploring its values, its competitive edge and its performance across the funnel.

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Get more ROI out of your campaigns

Guide creative direction by testing key messages, tone of voice and visual resonance.

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Trends & Topics

Hone your messaging to
engage with your audience

Learn how people define and engage with certain trends and topics and identify the ways in which your brand can leverage this.

As easy as 1, 2, 3
Generate research brief SBX
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Generate a best-in-class brief and conversation guide in 20 minutes

Creating the brief is as simple as an advanced Google search. Once you’ve chosen which type of project you’d like to run, the tool will conversate with you to understand more about your needs. While doing so, it will automatically generate a best-in-class research brief and conversation guide, which you can edit to fit your requirements. All in as little as 20 minutes.

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SBX launch conversational survey
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Launch a conversational survey with our community or yours

To capture richer insights, SBX will launch a survey with closed-text and open-text questions. However, it will then go one step further by optimising its follow-ups in real time based on what the participant has shared. This qualitative approach provides the depth of a 121 interview at the scale of a survey, making it easier to capture the ‘why’ behind the ‘what’ in people’s own, unbiased words.

SBX Direct: Survey is sent to your own customer base through our white label web link.

SBX Community: Survey is sent to our global community in 70 markets through our mobile app.

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SBX tailored dashboard
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Receive a tailored, interactive dashboard in as little as 48 hours

Using our proprietary technology and taxonomies, SBX then automatically classifies, quantifies and analyses the responses and transforms the data into a tailored, interactive report. This includes an executive summary, charts, themes, rich consumer verbatims and photos/videos, allowing you to fuel your decisions with robust numbers and rich nuance.

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Where quality meets quantity

Traditional market research is robust, but it’s also slow, costly and cumbersome. On the flip side, many of the new AI-led challengers are fast, but lack the expertise needed to deliver quality insights. SBX is combining industry experience with innovation to deliver quality and quantity.

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No more painful processes.

No need to spend hours writing a brief, a questionnaire or a report. SBX will do this for you using best-in-class market research principles, so you can spend less time on admin and more time on action.

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No more unanswered questions.

SBX makes high quality research accessible in as little as 48 hours and for a fifth of the price, meaning you can go back again and again to get the answers you need, whenever you need them.

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No more compromises.

No need to choose between quant and qual, between speed and detail, or between one market and another. Now you can get the numbers and the nuance across 70 markets. All in a single tool.

SBX market research insights

Pioneers in conversational research

At Streetbees, we bring together human expertise, the latest technology and a global community to make top quality insights more accessible to organisations like yours.


Streetbees was founded, pioneering open-text conversations at scale through its Whatsapp-style app and natural language processing capabilities


After supporting some of the world’s leading brands, Streetbees raised £7 million in Series A funding and launched its ‘always on’ demand tracking solution


Streetbees won the MRS Best Innovation award


Streetbees was included in The Telegraph's Tech Hot 100 and Deloitte's Fast 50 lists


Streetbees raised £40 million in Series B funding, and won the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneers award


Streetbees won the AI Product of the Year award from Computing Magazine


Streetbees was included in the Artificial Intelligence Top 50 list from Beauhurst and won the MRS Best Innovation in Data Analytics award


Streetbees combined its years of expertise with the latest developments in LLMs to create SBX, an agile insights tool set to bring market research into the modern era


SBX was shortlisted for Data and Analytics Project of the Year, Data-Driven Product of the Year and Artificial intelligence Innovation of the Year at The National Technology Awards

Over a decade of experience

These numbers are still growing and so are the companies that continue to work with us!

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of the world’s leading organisations empowered

Access over 10 million engaged participants across the globe

Conversations can be captured in 85 languages

SBX global community of bees

Our community love using our mobile app...

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Smiling girl with phone it 93,012 five star reviews

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This is an amazing and legitimate app where you can chat with AI about your favourite topics and earn money. It's a smart and new survey idea. I have been using it for 2 years now.

Wes Golmy, Saudi Arabia
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I really enjoy this app. It's different, original, and fun. It's in my top five apps I enjoy on my mobile, and you get paid to participate in the questionnaires. I have recommended it to all of my friends.

Don Thompson, US
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I think this is a fun app. At first, I was dreading the survey writing, but it's not about writing at all; it's all about opinions. The best part is, we all have opinions, and someone actually wants to hear mine and pay for it!

Susan Herbaugh, US

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