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Answers in as little as 48 hours:

Research in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost.

Traditional market research can take months to do and a mountain of money to fund. We’re changing that. By combining the power of LLMs with years of research expertise, SBX gives you access to rich, tailored insights in as little as 48 hours and for a fraction of the cost.

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Rich insights using advanced LLMs:

No more compromises on insight quality.

SBX uses advanced LLMs to engage with and probe thousands of people through our mobile app, capturing their responses in open text. Instead of only working with flat numbers and percentages, you can now get the certainty of quant with the nuance of qual every time.

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A simple end-to-end experience:

No more assumptions or unanswered questions.

SBX removes the friction of a research project, so you can get tailored answers whenever you need them without having to do a ton of work. Instead of setting hours aside to write a brief, a questionnaire and a report, you can answer a few simple questions and the tool will do the rest for you under the guidance of our expert team.  

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SBX gives you the ability to say “Well, this part is really interesting. What do we think about a follow-up question here?”. Everyone then has the ability to chip in and as a collective, you’re diving into a piece of insight that the broader business or the broader work stream has the ability to gain something from. So you're expanding the reach of the insight beyond its initial purpose.
Often the data I get is secondhand. It comes through the marketing team or through the commercial team. It takes like three months for them to come back with some data and by the time it comes back, it’s just too late. With SBX, it’s so useful having my own way of getting to the data.
I think the time factor, especially for the brief, is huge. That's normally where you have to put your time. Plus, we got the dashboard right away too, and we didn't have to go and write a PowerPoint slide or a report - we could just send a link out. I mean, that's such a big time saver.
It looks like a real study. I cannot believe a bot did that. It’s awesome that any time we have these quick questions, where we're trying to think which way we want to go with developing our research program, or if a customer comes to us and asks ‘What’s going on with this flavour in this region’, we can be like ‘cool, let's shoot these questions in and get a quick answer.
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How does SBX work?

No need to write a brief.

After asking you a few simple questions about your research need, SBX will automatically create a best-in-class research brief and survey plan for you.

No need to write a questionnaire.

Using LLMs, SBX will launch a smart survey with our community of consumers or your own audience base to capture combined qual and quant insights.

No need to write a report.

Once SBX has automatically analysed the responses, you’ll receive a ‘ready-to-go’ report, with an executive summary and interactive charts and verbatims.

A unique tool for your unique needs

Marketing, Brand & Product Managers

Hone your positioning and messaging with real everyday language.

With SBX, you can surface people's emotions, motivations and unmet needs in their own words using advanced LLMs. Armed with qualitative and quantitative insights, you can tailor your messaging and comms to resonate specifically with your target audience.


Secure buy-in from your customers with fast insights.

Use SBX to support sales execution by gathering critical insights into how people navigate the purchase process in as little as 48 hours. This can feed into product range, planograms, promotions and more, strengthening your position with your customers and transforming you from a provider into a trusted partner.


Deep-dive into a topic without dedicating weeks of your time to it.

With SBX, you can delve into a specific topic, behaviour, sub category or brand to discover the attitudes, behaviours and drivers surrounding it. Receive robust insights to share directly with your stakeholders, allowing you to directly inform marketing, brand, innovation or senior leadership.

Innovation & R&D

Accelerate your innovation projects with real-time exploration.

Use SBX for exploratory research to identify whitespace opportunities, test new ideas and gather reactions to concepts or packaging. Get insights in as little as 48 hours, so you can be the first to the table and can make more informed customer-centric decisions.

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