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What product features motivate our existing users?
What is the consumer reaction to latest campaign?
How do consumers view health in relation to snacking?
What do we really think about Apple Vision?
What are consumer preferences for online personalised supplements?
How big is the market for SPF foundation?

Introducing SBX

Imagine having a tool that could gather bespoke insights, validate your hypothesis and generate a ‘ready to go’ report for you in just one click.

SBX is using the power of GPT to bring you the world’s first Insights Co-Pilot.

No need to write a brief, script a survey, or run your own analysis. You can simply type in your business question and get the insights you need in as little as 24 hours, putting you ahead of your competitors with robust, real-time answers to your critical business questions.

The SBX difference


No more compromises.

You can answer all of your business questions without worrying about the red tape and can follow up instantly.


SBX combines the power of GPT with eight years of research expertise and human guardrails, to bring you fresh, robust insights in hours.


No more static surveys.

You can uncover the texture behind attitudes and behaviours and can dig deeper into the ‘why’ to validate your hypotheses.


SBX uses advanced conversational AI and proprietary ontologies to engage with and probe real people and translate their language into commercial insights.


No more complicated projects.

You can go live to our community in just half an hour and you won’t need to lift a finger throughout the rest of the process.


SBX removes the need to write a brief, a questionnaire or a report. Instead, you can answer a few simple questions and the tool will do the rest for you under the guidance of our expert team.

How does it work?

No need to write a brief.

Just type your business question or your hypothesis into the tool.

No need to write a questionnaire.

Using GPT-4 and our proprietary data, the tool will translate your business question into a conversation with our community of consumers.

No more scripting.

Like an experienced ethnographic researcher, SBX will interpret each open text response and will optimise its questions in real time to delve deeper into what the consumer has shared.

No more manual coding.

The unstructured data will be automatically classified, quantified and analysed.

No need to sift through data tables or write a report.

You’ll receive a ‘ready-to-go’ report, which has been generated under the guidance of our experts, with full quality control.

A unique tool for

your unique needs

Marketing, Brand & Product Managers

Hone your positioning and messaging with real everyday language.

With SBX, you can surface people's emotions, motivations and unmet needs in their own words using conversational AI. Armed with qualitative and quantitative insights, you can tailor your messaging and comms to resonate specifically with your target audience.


Secure buy-in from your customers with fast insights.

Use SBX to support sales execution by gathering critical insights into how people navigate the purchase process in as little as 24 hours. This can feed into product range, planograms, promotions and more, strengthening your position with your customers and transforming you from a provider into a trusted partner.


Deep-dive into a topic without dedicating weeks of your time to it.

With SBX, you can delve into a specific topic, behaviour, sub category or brand to discover the attitudes, behaviours and drivers surrounding it. Receive robust insights to share directly with your stakeholders, allowing you to directly inform marketing, brand, innovation or senior leadership.

Innovation & R&D

Accelerate your innovation projects with real-time exploration.

Use SBX for exploratory research to identify whitespace opportunities, test new ideas and gather reactions to concepts or packaging. Get insights in as little as 24 hours, so you can be the first to the table and can make more informed customer-centric decisions.

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