The world’s first human intelligence platform

We capture real life moments, at scale and in people’s own words. Drive your next growth opportunity with our AI-powered analysis.

We help the world's largest companies find the hidden why

Discover how Streetbees' AI platform is disrupting market research

Observe the moment of truth

Capture real life behavior at the moment a consumer makes a decision. Never rely on claims again.

Consumer closeness at scale

Access rich data with photos and videos from millions of consumers around the world.

AI-driven growth

Spot hidden growth opportunities by applying AI to millions of real life observations from real consumers.

With our Always ON platform, access the full context and emotions that drive consumer's decisions.


Dynamic Growth Engine

Unearth motivations behind behavior and choice, captured in the moment and at scale, unlocking growth opportunities.
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Brand Experience Monitor

Understand and track brand performance and equity where it matters, in consumers’ own words.
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Dynamic Audience Solution

Drive precision marketing from in-the-moment customer occasions-based insights.
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Dynamic Media Landscape

Uncover how consumers are engaging with media and entertainment, in and out of home, across all of your platforms.
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The Streetbees consumer-led platform

Our platform brings data to life from our 3.5M bees around the world. We address your strategic objectives and through our platform, help you uncover the most authentic customer insights. We give you the keys to embed the platform within your business so there is one source of truth when it comes to understanding your customers emotions, behavior and the context behind the ‘why’.

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