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Streetbees connects you with real people on the ground to gather real-time insights.

With the power of Artificial Intelligence and geolocation technology, you can now collect data from anyone, anywhere in the world in an affordable way.

Target the right people

We translate and localise the study within hours, and direct your questions to the right people in the right place using geolocation technology. Our community instantly shares their insights captured in the moment with the images and the data you need.

Informed decisions

Results are in. Now it’s time to take action. We deliver rich insights extracted from quantitative data and in-depth analysis of images. You can view the results through your live dashboard and even order a customised report.

In the moment insights

We gather consumer data, photos and videos directly from our own on-the-ground community in 87 countries, helping brands get real insights into how people actually buy and use products.

Our real-time photos and videos give you unique insights into everyday rituals, consumption habits and attitudes of consumers to discover NPD and marketing opportunities, and identify competitive threats.

What are the tea rituals across Asia? What types of tea are used and how is it brewed? What tea brands are in the kitchen cupboard? What are the attitudes towards a new offering in the market?

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