Cost of Living Monitor

Combat inflation by observing how consumers are shifting spend in your brand and category

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Market leading brands use Streetbees to unlock growth

of global consumers have changed their spending habits due to the pandemic and the Russia/Ukraine conflict

To protect market share while consumers are cutting their costs, you need to monitor:

Trade Offs

Which categories consumers are trading down to private label, bulk-buying or are stopping buying

Channel Shifts

Which categories consumers are shifting to discounters, and which are less influenced

Brand Loyalty

Where consumers are responding to promotions, and where brands can secure loyalty

Future Trends

What recessionary coping mechanisms and trends are likely to persist beyond the short term

Introducing Streetbees’ Cost of Living Monitor (CLM)

Discover the impact on your brand and category with in-the-moment intelligence

Penetrate everyday decisions to understand how, where and why consumers are making trade-offs

Understand coping mechanisms with responses in consumers’ own words

Uncover the ways consumers are coping at both a sector and category level with access to rich data, in their own words and native languages

Inform your strategy with dynamic segmentation across all areas of society

Understand how to target consumers and where to spend budget by filtering trends by income, employment status, geo-location and more

Unlock the winning strategy for your brand as the global cost of living crisis unfolds

Uncover mechanisms to boost brand loyalty and protect your market share
Build the right channel strategy by understanding everyday trade-offs.
Design winning campaigns by building consumer empathy to address what matters
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Cost of Living Monitor

Learn how Streetbees helps brands create a winning strategy to combat inflation

  • Discover shifting consumer priorities and behaviours
  • Monitor category trade-offs in your key markets
  • Coping mechanisms tracked in consumers’ own words, revealing the true drivers behind decision making
  • Access thousands of consumer conversations in our dynamic dashboard, updated on a monthly basis
  • Monthly State of the Word reports, with category spotlights and comparable global benchmarks