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Our story so far...

In 2014, when working as a strategy consultant, Tugce was approached by one of the world’s largest tea brands to boost their growth in international markets. The company needed to know how people actually bought and made tea in India, Azerbaijan, Nigeria and many other countries , to offer the right type of products.

The research was designed to lay the ground for a large new product roll-out in these countries that would lead to the creation of many new local jobs. Traditional market research companies quoted £500,000 to collect this data in 20 countries, which was too expensive for the company and as a result, the project did not go ahead.

This was despite the fact that there were actually people in those countries who were making tea at that very moment and who would have been more than happy to offer their insights in return for the right compensation. If only there were a global platform to connect the companies directly with their consumers…

Without the agencies and panels in between, the cost of research would go down, information would flow more quickly, and more business would happen. Streetbees was born to bridge this information gap, to make the human data accessible – anywhere in the world.

With the support of our world-class clients and the trust of our global community, Streetbees has gone on to provide insights from 87 countries since 2015.

People from all over the world are now getting paid to do simple tasks such as sharing their local knowledge, and providing quality, real-time information to some of the world’s most loved brands.


Tugce BulutCEO

Tugce is passionate about the power of data and the positive change it can bring to the world. She is a published author and Master’s graduate from the University of Cambridge, specialising in poverty alleviation and global living standards. Before founding StreetBees, she spent six years as a strategy consultant advising technology and consumer companies on how to accelerate growth in international markets.

Oliver MayCOO

Oliver May is a mathematics and data geek who’s found his true calling in the vitality of the mobile tech world. After 5 years at Morgan Stanley as a trader, Oli co-founded and bootstrapped Fairshare, an elegant app designed to transform the shared living experience. He’s passionate about data and geolocation tech, and making the world more accessible with Streetbees. He also hits a mean forehand at table tennis.

Our Investors

Streetbees is backed by some of the planet's most renowned investors and entrepreneurs, including Robin Klein, Richard Reed, Atomico, LocalGlobe and Octopus Ventures. Our investors have also backed TransferWise, Zoopla, FarFetch, Graze and Wonga - and founded Innocent drinks.