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Sarah, 22 Went to her first
Holi Festival!

Levi, 25 Got a new Dutch bike

Deepika, 47 Buys credit to
call her daughter

Joe, 59 Treats his grandson

Greta, 28 Went to her first
Holi Festival!

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  • £10
    Take a 1 minute video while you make tea
  • $5
    Say what you think of your mobile network
  • ¥45
    Take a photo at your local supermarket

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I told Streetbees where I buy my vitamins from and got enough money to get myself a new lipstick.

Chioma, 19 South Africa

I treated myself to a massage with the Streetbees money! It’s nice to have a little bit of extra money.

Cosima, 52 Germany

I’m saving up the money for something special, I have no clue what that is yet.

Franky, 35 UK

I completed the Home Selfies task and got paid to take pictures of my bathroom.The easiest money I have ever earned.

Georges, 44 France

I filmed my girlfriend completing the cleaning task, and it was very funny for both of us!

Gigi, 33 Italy

I visited beauty salons all over the city to collect their price lists. It was fun and I made €420 in one day.

Gizabelle, 38 Spain

I took some photos of my Ramadan dinner table and earned 15,000 Lebanese Pounds from it. It was very simple!

Marwa, 27 Lebanon

I visited supermarkets and took pictures of drinks, got paid £50 in one day

Nicolette, 32 UK

For the first time in my life I got paid to do the laundry. Just snapped a photo of my washing machine and got paid in 2 hours.

Paula, 30 Brazil

I use the money I earn from Streetbees to buy my painting furnitures.

Robert, 24 Lebanon

Streetbees pays for my Friday night out

Rushika, 26 UK

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